Banco Edwards consolidates server farm on Unisys ES7000 machine

Banco Edwards consolidates server farm on Unisys ES7000 machine

Chilean bank Banco Edwards has consolidated the workload of 28 commodity Intel servers to three Unisys ES7000 servers as part of a programme to upgrade its Internet banking and marketing effort.

Two servers will be used to expand Banco Edwards financial and customer services by handling administration processing and powering a comprehensive customer database. The third ES7000 will support the company's Web-based banking initiatives from one centrally managed source.

"By looking at our technology needs holistically, we knew that we needed high-availability, high-power systems to handle the essential components of our business," says Fernando Risco, chief information office, Banco Edwards. "Moving to a strong, robust platform has been very important for us because we finally have acquired the incentive and means to carry out our long-range expansion goals."

With 67 branches, Banco Edwards commands eight percent of the market. The company intends to aggressively enlarge its banking practice during the next couple of years, says Risco.

Banco Edwards uses one Unisys ES7000 to handle administrative processing. A second server runs a Siebel customer relationship management (CRM) application and COM+ object management. The third supports key Web applications, including the Web portal as well as the database and transaction manager associated with the portal.

The ES7000 was designed to match the performance of Unix systems in enterprise-class e-business applications. It uses CMP partitioning capabilities to run Itanium and Pentium III Xeon processors side-by-side within a single server.

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