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Second-hand clothing meets wearable payments

Second-hand clothing meets wearable payments

Sustainable payment wearables will be created when tech and recycled materials meet in a project between Sweden's Fidesmo and Eskilstuna Folk High School this Spring.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the possibilities of giving recycled materials new life, even more value and new usability by integrating modern technology. By using recycled materials from ReTuna Återbruksgalleria and small NFC-chips, the students will create a variety of fashion wearables with payment functionality.

The NFC chip is connected to the payment service Fidesmo Pay, which makes it possible to connect a payment card to a variety of alternative devices, such as key fobs, jewellery and garments. Fidesmo Pay was launched in 2019 together with several fashion brands, providing wearables with payment functionality.

The latest initiative is in line with the trend towards a more sustainable and circular economy and a move away from fast fashion products by environmentally-minded consumers.

Hanna Olsson, consumer marketing manager at Fidesmo, comments: "Sustainable fashion and technology is a perfect match - mixing two ways of smart thinking - and not least something we will see more of in the future."

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