SchlumbergerSema bags Dutch, French chip contracts

SchlumbergerSema bags Dutch, French chip contracts

Dutch network operator Telfort and Postbank have selected SchlumbergerSema's Simera e-motion Swim (Subscriber WAP Identify Module) card to provide the public key infrastructure (PKI) for their WAP m-banking service, rolled out this summer to over half a million users.

The implementation of the card allows customers to securely recharge their prepaid accounts and check their account balances via their mobile phones. It will soon be enhanced to offer online, on-the-move share dealing.

The Java-based Swim card provides encryption for data privacy, as well as the digital signature, which confirms the identity of the user and other data to ensure that the transaction is non-repudiable. The STK (SIM ToolKit) application also enables the use of the cryptographic features of the Simera e-motion Swim cards, which are already deployed in widely available WAP handsets.

In a separate announcement, French bank Credit Mutuel has chosen SchlumbergerSema's Codalio Internet payment platform to provide its customers with a secure online banking and e-commerce service.

Customers wishing to make online purchases will be provided with a virtual card, valid for a limited period of time, together with their own password and an on-screen e-wallet.

Credit Mutuel and SchlumbergerSema have created an end-to-end solution incorporating two servers to generate the virtual cards and host the e-wallet applications, enrollment software, and interface with the bank's back-office and home banking systems.

The Codalio system relies on the Epsum platform, which provides different security options for different applications. For example, an online bank that knows its users and operates a password control system does not need the same levels of security as a completely open e-commerce system, such as an online supermarket.

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