SchlumbergerSema launches Prismera smart card suite

SchlumbergerSema launches Prismera smart card suite

SchlumbergerSema has launched its new Prismera range of multi-application smart cards based on specifications released at the Proton World Forum in Brussels.

Prismera has already been selected as one of the cards for the Ducato project, which will test e-purse interoperability using the CEPS format in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain. SchlumbergerSema has also supplied Prismera cards to Proton World for the technical tests that will precede the first pilot test of Proton Prisma cards by Nordea in Sweden.

Proton World is in the process of certifying the Prismera card, and SchlumbergerSema anticipates commercial availability in Q2 2002.

The first Prismera cards will use the Proton Prisma Embedded Profile (EP), in which the standard card applications are domestic e-purse, interoperable with CEPS e-purse, EMV Plus credit/debit, and PKI-based identification/authentication. The cards will also support static third-party-defined applications.

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