HSBC and first direct downtime continues into the morning

HSBC and first direct downtime continues into the morning

Overnight outages affecting mobile and online services from HSBC and subsidiary first direct have continued into the morning, despite earlier claims that the problems had been rectified.

HSBC's and first direct's mobile and online banking services disappeared from view at 8.30pm last night. By midnight the bank claimed to have resolved the issue, informing customers that the lights had been switched back on.

However, they have conceded this morning that customers are still having problems accessing services.

In a tweet sent out at 10.30am, first direct notified customers of intermittent downtime.
HSBC has said this morning’s problem is a “new technical issue” and tweeted in reply to a customer that “in doing a few residual repairs to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future, there are a few people who are having issues again”.

The bank has promised to refund customers who incurred daily ovedraft fees as a result of the glitch.
12.20pm update:

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