NeoNet hooks up to Euronext

NeoNet hooks up to Euronext

Real-time equity trading services provider NeoNet has introduced a live link to Euronext Paris. The Swedish outfit says it now offers institutional investors single-screen access to more than eighty per cent of European market capitalisation.

Alongside the Paris link, NeoNet also hooks up to the stock exchanges of London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. In the near future, Neonet plans to include the other exchanges in the Euronext alliance, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Torvald Bohlin, CEO, NeoNet, says: "The addition of Euronext marks a major milestone for NeoNet, having transformed in less than two years from a primarily Nordic-based product to a broad offering for US and European clients."

NeoNet plans to offer electronic trading access to Nasdaq in second quarter 2002 and after that trading on Milan and virt-x. Nyse will be brought onscreen during 2003. The company’s overall objective is to offer electronic trading access to 80 per cent of the world’s stock market capitalisation by 2003.

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