Nordea hosts women-only hackathon

Nordea hosts women-only hackathon

An app that shares investment stories from ordinary women to help educate and inspire other women has won a Nordea hackathon.

Nordea brought together about 50 women at the female Stockholm Tech Fest hackathon, inviting them to come up with ideas on how to empower women and help them take control of their personal finances.

The winning effort, called Klipsk ('savvy' in English), would "use story telling by ordinary women about their investments as a source of inspiration," says the team. It would also connect to existing investment platforms.

"Financial insecurity impacts our confidence. For instance the confidence to change jobs, and accelerate our career, or the confidence to start your own business. Basically the gender investment gap impacts our choices in life," says Lotta Bourgoin, head, growth arm, Nordea Digital Wealth.

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