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Swift on the hunt for new IT talent

Swift on the hunt for new IT talent

Interbank payment network Swift is positioning itself as a cutting edge IT shop as it seeks to recruit 150 talented IT professionals worldwide.

Long-consider a fusty backwater protected by its member banks, Swift has been forced to join the digital arms race in recent years as urgent threats to cybersecurity emerge and new competitors enter the market.

The new roles on offer encompass a range of expert positions, including development and test automation engineers, agile coaches and dev/ops specialists.

The recruitment page shows a pie chart emphasising Swift's interest in a host of cutting edge solutions, from blockchain to data analytics and open source to API.

"Swift is at the forefront of technological innovation in the financial services space," says Tami Moore, director of IT - transversal functions at Swift. "As a global business in order for us to maintain that position it's critical that we attract and retain talent

"We're looking for a number of talented IT professionals. We're transitioning into a bus/dev/ops style of IT delivery. That means we need a lot of new talent all over the world."

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