FXall launches treasury integration Partner Channel

FXall launches treasury integration Partner Channel

Multi-bank foreign exchange portal FXall has launched a partner programme to ensure end-to-end client integration with portfolio and treasury management systems.

Through Partner Channel, all client system vendors will be able to integrate fully with the FXall platform so that portfolio and treasury managers will be able to straight-through process their trades, and also receive fully automated prices directly into their workstations, says the company.

At present, a total of 19 vendors have joined the Partner Channel, which is based on an extensive verification programme in which vendor systems are tested and approved across a range of criteria for easy connection to the FXall platform. A client integration team has been established to faciliate the process.

Jack Lemonik, chief technology officer at FXall, says: "Every single client will be able to achieve straight-through processing on our portal. Our focus now is to extend our unique functionality to as many participants as possible. The launch of our Partner Channel Programme will accelerate the already rapid uptake of FXall’s proven system.”

FXall also introduced a suite of straight-through processing products, which include:
* FXall Core STP – including a post-trade blotter that allows for easy download into existing trading spreadsheets, full audit trail and deal breakout capability, and functionality for complex workflow across multiple portfolios and countries;
* FXall QuickConnect STP – a proprietary tool that automates the file upload/download process for most file formats;
* FXall ProConnect STP – providing integration between existing portfolio or treasury management systems and the FXall platform, enabling portfolio and treasury managers to receive fully automated prices, as well as real-time streaming post-trade data directly into their workstations; and
* FXall Settlement STP – streamlining the confirmation process and automating preparation of settlements.

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