Ant Financial launches core banking product

Ant Financial launches core banking product

Ant Financial is furthering its ambitions to become a strategic technology supplier to the traditional baking industry, unveiling a new core banking platform co-developed with Hoperun Information Technology.

The Distributed Core Banking Platform (DCBP) aims to help financial institutions tackle digital challenges, including distributed development, financial product management and accounting liquidation.

It builds on Ant Financial's bPass (Business Platform as a Service) architecture, established to enable third party banks to benefit from the Chinese giant's tech know-how.

To date, Ant Financial has plugged its technology into over 200 financial institutions, including over 100 banks, around 60 insurers, and 40 wealth management companies and security brokerages.

DCBP is the first co-developed product in Ant Financial’s technology portfolio.

Liu Weiguang, vice president of Ant Financial, says: “We have enjoyed working with Hoperun to develop this product which marks a milestone for Ant Financial technology. This is just the first of many collaborations that we plan to form with other talented partners that will enable us to provide better technology solutions to the challenges faced by financial institutions.”

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