Trezeo turns to Seedrs for launch of business account for the self-employed

Trezeo turns to Seedrs for launch of business account for the self-employed

Trezeo, a startup aiming to build a business account to smooth out the fluctuating income streams of the self-employed and gig economy workers, has commenced an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.

Trezeo’s income smoothing service uses AI and machine learning to turn unpredictable income streams into reliable and regular payments. The account identifies customers’ average income, and when they dip below it one week - whether because work was slow, they were sick or just took a day off - Trezeo tops them up to their average and gets paid back when the customer earns again.

Co-founded by fintech veteran CEO Garrett Cassidy and financial innovator CTO Flavien Charlon, the platform is already live in the AppStore and PlayStore, and has received approval from the FCA as a Registered Payment Institution.

Prior to starting Trezeo, Cassidy was European managing director of peer-to-peer payments technology company,

He says: “Whilst technology is enabling and driving the growth in self-employment, the self-employed are still being ignored by the mainstream financial industry. This is where tech-based solutions, led by AI, can address key frustrations that add real value for them."

The company is seeking £400,000 in equity funding at a valuation of £4.5 million. Proceeds from the Seedrs campaign will be used to onboard and service initial pilot customers and partners, says Cassidy, as well as to improve the core account and create new financial products.

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