DBS to use robot to screen applicants for human jobs

DBS to use robot to screen applicants for human jobs

DBS is using an AI-based recruitment agent to pre-screen candidates for job interviews, reviewing CVs, firing off questions and conducting psychometric tests.

The bank says its team of recruiters tend to spend up to 20% of their time collecting information and responding to emails before meeting with shortlisted candidates. By automating the pre-screening process, the new bot - dubbed Jim - will help save some 40 manhours a month, the bank estimates.

James Loo, head of talent acquisition group, group human resources, DBS Bank, says: “Our candidates are often busy during the day, and many of our recruiters end up working long hours to cater to their schedules. A virtual recruiter, such as Jim, would lighten our employees’ workload. Previously manual processes - such as posting screening questions, conducting psychometric assessments and tests - have now been fully automated. This frees up our recruiters’ time so they can take on higher value work."

Jim, an acronym for “Jobs Intelligence Maestro”, is the brainchild of Singapore start-up Impress.AI and DBS’ Talent Acquisition team.

In pilot since April, Jim's first full-time deployment will be used to screen candidates for wealth management planning roles, with the bank setting a target of 40% growth in staff advising its high net worth customers.

Loo says the virtual recruiter will also be made available for other high-volume roles such as the management associate and graduate associate programmes, which typically see more than 7,000 candidates vying for just 20 jobs.

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