Singapore to develop ethical code for AI and personal data use

Singapore to develop ethical code for AI and personal data use

Singapore's government has outlined plans to develop a governance programme around the use of artificial intelligence and personal data in its bid to become an international centre for new technology.

An advisory council involving public and private sector bodies, including regulator the Monetary Authroity of Singapore, has been appointed to oversee the plan. It will be headed by former attorney-general VK Rajah and will also sponsor a five year research project into the ethical use of AI and personal data.

The issue of personal data use has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to the revelations surrounding UK firm Cambridge Analytica and its use of Facebook data. Meanwhile the impact of AI and automation on jobs and personal privacy continues to be a primary concern for the banking sector. Earlier this week a leading Citi executive warned that as many as 10,000 jobs at the bank could be lost to robots and automation over the next five years.

Singapore is not alone in looking to formally address these issues. In November the UK announced plans to develop a £9m data ethics centre. And earlier this month Indian authorities published an AI strategy discussion paper looking at issues of liability.

The  key principles of Singapore's governance plans will focus on ensuring that AI use is "explainable, transparent and fair" said minister for communications and information S Iswaran. "Good regulation is needed to enable innovation by building public trust," he said. 


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