Leading technology firms showcase 'Bank in your hand'

Leading technology firms showcase 'Bank in your hand'

Compaq has teamed up with Blueice Research, Infovention and Intel to jointly develop a mobile banking solution to conduct secure wireless payments and transfers using a handheld computer.

The 'Bank in your hand' product will be showcased at the Networks Telecom trade show in Stockholm next week.

"With 'Bank In Your Hand' we want to show that there is a solution on the market today that really makes it possible for banks to be available wherever, whenever," says Anna Hane, CEO at Blueice Research.

Blueice Research has provided its security product Multipass, which offers banks independence from network operators and other third parties. It is also compatible with the most popular certificate authorities. Infovention, a unit of Swedish bank IT supplier EDB Fellesdata, has developed a functional mobile banking application for the project.

Compaq has contributed with its latest handheld computer, the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC, that comes equipped with a W/LAN- and GPRS module and Intel's StrongARM processor. Intel's Personal Internet Client Architecture (PCA) offers opportunities for creating high-performance mobile Internet products and services.

Claes Puebla Smith, director of wireless solutions at Infovention, says: "Banks as well as other companies that have a need for secure communication with their customers now can deploy this solution which is both cost effective and user-friendly."

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