TSB back online but customer gripes continue

TSB back online but customer gripes continue

TSB has finally got its Internet and mobile banking systems back online in the wake of a disastrous switch to a new banking platform from Spanish parent Banco Sabadell.

TSB had to take its online and mobile systems offline yesterday afternoon for emergency surgery after a bungled migration of accounts from a legacy Lloyds platform to Banco Sabadell's Proteo4 system.

Chief executive Paul Pester took to Twitter in the early hours to inform customers that all accounts were back up and running, although access was being restricted to prevent strain on the server load.

But after enduring five days without being able to view their accounts, customers continued to gripe about ongoing problems, including lack of access to premier features and mortgage accounts.

The bank is likely to face an investigation by regulatory bodies over the downtime after politicians called for a probe into the crash. Executives at the bank may also be required to forego bonus payments which were tied to a smooth upgrade.

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