Proton World launches EMV credit/debit suite

Proton World launches EMV credit/debit suite

Proton World has launched two new products - EMV Plus and Proton Prisma SP/EMV - for its family of smart card solutions aimed at EMV issuers, at Proton World Forum taking place in Brussels this week.

EMV Plus is a new credit/debit solution based on the EMV 2000 specifications. It is made up of a card application, a host module and a range of complementary services, including advice on migration from magstripe systems, EMV training, partner selection and project management.

The solution features multiple brands, fast online authorisation, multiple profiles, co-branding, card manufacturer independence, simplified personalisation and improved security, says Proton.

The SP/EMV package has been developed to target EMV credit/debit issuers who require the simplest possible smart card solution at the lowest-possible price.

This entry-level product, which is based on Proton's CALC platform, offers a full solution for mono-application EMV projects. The card and host software is backed up with a full range of training modules, card personalisation and management tools. Issuers retain the options of migrating to, or mixing Proton Prisma SP/EMV with, more sophisticated Proton Prisma multi-application card solutions in the future.

The first customer for Proton Prisma SP/EMV will be Banksys, Proton World’s Belgian licensee.

Peter Stroo, products & marketing manager at Proton World, says: "Proton Prisma SP/EMV will enable issuers to move smoothly and cost-effectively to the deployment of multiple-application smart cards, while enjoying immediately the benefits of CALC, such as card manufacturer-independence."

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