ABN Amro venture arm invests in BehavioSec

ABN Amro venture arm invests in BehavioSec

ABN Amro's fintech venture fund has participated in a $17.5 million raise for cybersecurity firm BehavioSec.

BehavioSec creates digital fingerprints of specific users by combining unique attributes such as keystroke cadence or finger pressure to create a clear picture of a user’s identity while working across mobile devices as well as traditional computers or web browsers.

ABN Amro says it intends to investigate how BehavioSec’s technology can be used for the benefit of the bank’s clients by providing an additional passive layer of security controls.

ABN Amro was joined by Trident Capital Cybersecurity, Cisco Investments, Octopus Ventures and Conor Venture Partners in the funding round.

The Dutch bank set up its EUR10 million Digital Impact Fund in October 2015. BehavioSec is the third company to join its portfolio, alongside Swedish mobile app Tink and US-based Cloud Lending Solutions.

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