CBA introduces Ceba the chatbot

CBA introduces Ceba the chatbot

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has added an AI-powered chatbot to its apps that can help customers with more than 200 banking task.

Rolling out to more than 6.2 million NetBank and CommBank app customers in the coming weeks, Ceba will help them do things such as activate cards, check balances, make payments and get cardless cash.

The bot, available 24/7, can recognise approximately 60,000 different ways customers ask for the 200 banking tasks and will eventually be able to tell users what they are spending their money on.

Executive general manager digital, Pete Steel, says: "Banks are moving towards providing personalised and insightful online banking experiences for our customers, and artificial intelligence along with the powerful technology behind it sits at the centre of this shift.

"What’s exciting about Ceba is that it will be able to do the banking for our customers rather than just provide instructions on how to do it."

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