Taiwan's Far Eastern International Bank suffers malware attack

Taiwan's Far Eastern International Bank suffers malware attack

A Taiwanese bank has become the latest to fall victim to hackers planting malware on its servers and sending unauthorised, doctored messages through the interbank Swift network.

The money-moving messages from Far Eastern International Bank were routed to accounts in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the United States, Taiwan's Government-controlled news agency reported.

Police in Sri Lanka have reportedly arrested two men in connection with the incident and the bank has told local news media that it has tracked down and recovered all but $50,000 of the stolen funds, and expects to eventually recoup the full amount.

The latest breach comes as Swift prepares for its annual international banking conference in Toronto next week. Cybercrime prevention and the co-operative's Customer Security Programme will feature heavily on the agenda following a spate of attacks on banks connected to the network over the course of the past two years.

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