Countdown to PSD2: Finextra surveys financial institutions on readiness and strategies

Countdown to PSD2: Finextra surveys financial institutions on readiness and strategies

A new Finextra paper to be released at EBAday 2017 will gauge banks’ progress with PSD2 compliance and their thinking about the opportunities - and challenges - of the imminent regulatory change.

The PSD2 implementation deadline is fast approaching. The next months will be critical for financial institutions in impacted markets as they complete the technological and strategic work required to both achieve compliance with the regulation and to take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

A number of first movers are already putting into action their strategies for a PSD2 world. But is it obvious for the majority of financial institutions how they should respond? Is it clear where the real opportunities of PSD2 lie for banks, and are the technology decisions they need to make - to either achieve PSD2 compliance, or go beyond it to leverage the regulation for business growth -straightforward to negotiate?

Finextra’s latest online survey is designed to generate answers to these questions among others, and you are invited to participate to get priority access to the results.

The survey covers a range of important topics, including:
- Do the majority of banks agree they should do more than simply comply with PSD2?
- How are banks working with their service providers to deliver their PSD2 change programmes?
- Which teams within banks are leading and driving PSD2 projects?
- How far have banks progressed and will they be compliant on time?
- How many financial institutions already have new services in place designed to leverage the potential of PSD2?
- What are the new business models banks are exploring in light of the implementation of PSD2?
- Is PSD2 helping financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation programmes?

The anonymised and aggregated survey results will feed into a report that drills down into the topic of PSD2 readiness and banks’ strategic responses to the new regulation. The report will be launched at the forthcoming EBAday 2017 in Dublin.

Have your say and contribute to this assessment of where financial institutions are on their PSD2 journeys by completing the survey today.

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