OCBC Bank partners WeInvest for robo-advisory pilot

OCBC Bank partners WeInvest for robo-advisory pilot

OCBC Bank is piloting a robo-advisory service from Singapore fintech firm WeInvest, appealing to both novice and market savvy investors.

Time starved investors will be able to invest in diversified portfolios of stocks and ETFs, using automated, algorithm based portfolio management advice. The platform offers a guided investment journey with regular rebalancing of investments portfolios.

For newbie investors, the online tool recommends one of five portfolios made up of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and equities listed on the Dow Jones and Nasdaq. Funds are invested based upon risk profiles and investment goals extracted from an online questionnaire.

For the more market-savvy, the service offers the opportunity to invest in a thematic basket of stocks, consisting of technology companies, fast-moving-consumer-goods companies, or leading Dow Jones companies.

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