Credit Lyonnais USA installs Ktdb market data platform

Credit Lyonnais USA installs Ktdb market data platform

Credit Lyonnais Securities USA, has installed the K Tick Database (Ktdb) system from Kx as its platform for a real-time stock tick system.

The Credit Lyonnais Capital Markets division is using the Ktdb platform to develop a real-time trade and quote (TAQ) database of stocks in the US markets.

Stephane Decker, managing director at CL Securities, USA, comments: "Ktdb delivers a very high-capacity database system with the added abilities to read and write trade information in real-time as well as manage historical data."

The Ktdb platform features a high-performance database, real-time ticker plant, plant, trade and quote loader for loading historical data, and extensions to SQL92 for the time-based analytics used in trading.

CL Securities considered a number of other databases before finally selecting Ktdb. "We found that Ktdb could handle all of our requirements for data capacity and analysis speed and still deliver attractive pricing," remarks Decker. "Other divisions within the firm were already familiar with Kx Systems, which increased our confidence in the solution."

Ktdb was fully implemented at CL Capital Markets in one week and managed by Kx Systems partner Appian Corporation. Currently Decker's team is developing and testing proprietary extensions to the platform.

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