Egg strikes AOL advertising deal

Egg strikes AOL advertising deal

UK Internet bank Egg has entered a new advertising alliance with AOL UK to build awareness of its brand among the online community.

Under the agreement, Egg will become a 'Premier Finance Partner' with fixed placements within the finance channels of the AOL and CompuServe proprietary services and the and portals.

The deal aims to drive traffic from AOL's properties directly to Egg's Web site where consumers will gain access to a range of banking, insurance and investment products and services. Members of the AOL and CompuServe services in the UK simply have to enter 'Egg' as the AOL Keyword or CompuServe GO word to gain access to the Web site.

The advertising alliance will enable the bank to reach over a million AOL members who spend on average an hour a day online and who are increasingly managing their day to day finances online, says Ian Maude, AOL Europe's vice president of advertising and e-commerce.

Jerry Toher, Egg's UK managing director, comments: "This advertising campaign aims to encourage a key group of consumers, who are already comfortable with transacting online, to visit our site."

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