Orange Cash opens mobile wallet to teen market

Orange Cash opens mobile wallet to teen market

Orange is offering a version of its mobile wallet app Orange Cash to cover the teen market in France.

The new ‘Orange Cash Jeune’ feature enables the use of mobile payment for teenage kids up to 18 years under their parent’s charge. The release is intended to cater for an expanding teen spending segment without access to bank accounts or payment cards.

To create an account, parents or legal guardians sign up with Orange Cash and install the app on their children’s smartphones. Via a web interface, parents remain in control of the sums of money, which should be charged on the account and get a real-time overview of the expenses. The entire financial administration is managed through the parent’s Orange Cash account.

The app is built and powered by German outfit Wirecard.

Susanne Steidl, EVP issuing services at Wirecard says: "Rather than using their parents’ credit card, teens would like to use their smartphones and other devices to shop online. By adding the Orange Cash Jeune feature to the app we have succeeded in addressing a younger target group in the field of mobile payments."

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