Fintech starts to reflect on the realities of Brexit

Fintech starts to reflect on the realities of Brexit

As the UK's banks take a pounding on the stock market and Sterling sinks to new lows, speculation surrounding the future of London's shell-shocked financial services industry in a post-Brexit world hits fever pitch.

With everyone and his dog offering an opinion on Brexit, Finextra will use this page to provide a rolling update on some of the more pertinent and thoughtful analysis of the unfolding crisis from around the Web.

For rolling news and sharp, insightful punditry, we suggest you keep an eye on FT Alphaville, the ascerbic market commentary site of the FT.

For industry insider opinion, Finextra's own Community of bloggers are also worth watching.

Elsewhere on the Web, we've sifted through the realms of news articles and commentary to provide a handy series of links to articles that best summarise the conversation or provide new angles on the issues. We'll keep this updated as more stories catch our eye.

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Gerard Hergenroeder
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London will see a mass exodus of good paying IT jobs in the next 5 years. Do not buy a house now in London! It may 33% less in five years.