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James Eardley

What banks can do to engage with customers when they are neither selling nor solving a problem?

According to a research paper by Finextra and SAP Customer Experience, Engaging the Unengaged Customer, less than half (49%) of consumers agree that their banks work hard to engage them, and that they...

5 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Richard Collinson

Brexit: Why does the Irish border cause so many problems?

Would it make sense for the UK government to state that the Northern Ireland/Ireland border can stay open permanently on two conditions: 1. Ireland stays outside the Schengen Agreement and, 2. Ireland...

6 h
Sam Goffman

Security Token Offering: analysis, problems and prospects

Considering the increasingly strict approach of regulators to tokens and cryptocurrencies in recent years, attracting investments through Security Token Offering (STO) is the next logical step for the...

7 h
Trends in Financial Services
Simon Monahan

Why improving cyber resilience starts with a better understanding of current capabilities

In a recent speech at Bloomberg, Megan Butler, Executive Director of Supervision at the FCA, described the threat level facing financial firms as ‘remarkable’. These comments were made in light of a ...

11 h
Information Security
Chris Principe

Crypto-Crypt or Gold Mine?

Crypto-Crypt or Gold Mine? As you probably remember, Bitcoin was the big news headlines and the dinner table talk of a year ago. As crypto-currencies soared in value, it was rightly the dominant topic...

17 h
Innovation in Financial Services
Shailendra Malik

Project Management for Millennials

It has been quite a few years we’ve broken the cookie cutter career molds with bespoke paths to success. Even the definition of success has changed. Many of us live in naive or duality of the world wh...

18 h
Chris Holmes

FinTech Guide for Global Citizens

With traditional providers slow to cater to global citizens, FinTechs have been quick to fill the space, launching innovative solutions to meet global citizens’ banking, remittance and payments needs....

12 Dec 2018
Personal Finance
Richard Collinson

Brexit: Why not put Article 50 on the backburner

Does it not make sense to pause for breath in this process. I believe we need to be able to negotiate a more favourable deal than that on the table at present but we cannot do that under the time pres...

12 Dec 2018
Alisa Mamonova

Open banking starts with culture change

Open banking has swiftly turned from being a buzzword into the means of bringing financial services in the new paradigm. Change is inevitable and corporate culture is a good place to start. For decade...

12 Dec 2018
Open Banking
Andrew Beatty

Conversational Banking: How to Start the Conversation

"How satisfied are you with your bank?" is a staple question in Voice of Customer (VOC) surveys. However, one question that is almost never asked is "How proactive is your bank in reach...

12 Dec 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Matthew Phillips

2019: Time to stop being a 'jack of all trades'

When it comes to technology, financial institutions are up to their knees in regulations, security measures and legacy infrastructure, which make them slow to adapt to new trends. The last few years h...

12 Dec 2018
Bob Lyddon

Phase 2 of Project Carlton on UK payments landscape: submerged by paper mountain

The last update we gave was that the sponsor of Project Carlton had signed off on the initial research and endorsed its sharing for validation with five or six interested parties. We did that, got ver...

12 Dec 2018
Transaction Banking