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Hakan Eroglu

The Brazilian way of Open Banking regulation

Open Banking is unstoppable and is being discussed in almost every corner of the world – be it to increase competition, reduce cost, foster innovation or financial inclusion. In Open Banking, banks ar...

14 Dec 2019
Open Banking
Ron Cogburn

How To Coordinate A Global Tech Team

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell This is a reprint from my recent article for Forbes Tech Council Every software platform, piece of hardware ...

13 Dec 2019
David Villaseca

Connecting with Millennials & GenZ candidates in Financial Services: Intelligent talent acquisit

Millennials and Generation Z already represents 49,7% of U.S. population, which is a challenge for the ability to recruit, hire and train a diverse workforce for banks and insurance firms. Millennial

13 Dec 2019
Digital Sales
Debbie Green

2020 predictions: the new era of spending for the CFO

In the last 12 months, CFOs, particularly in the UK, have been forced to count the pennies when it comes to budgeting in an era of political and economic uncertainty. As we move into 2020 we expect, o...

13 Dec 2019
Finance 2.0
Keith Stonell

Does Lloyd’s Have the Insurtech Blueprint for the Future?

In September 2019, the world’s oldest insurance marketplace made yet another announcement about how it would transform itself for the future. The announcement of the Lloyd’s Blueprint One had been we...

13 Dec 2019
Simon Hawtin

Building the case for biometrics in lending

The term may still sound rather futuristic, but biometrics – the study of distinctive and measurable characteristics to label an individual – is already reshaping our world. These characteristics, kno...

12 Dec 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Barbara Matthews

Crypto Data From Asia -- OECD Report Signals Expanding Regulatory Perimeter

This morning, while evaluating official activity over the last 24 hours globally regarding cryptocurrency and FinTech regulation, this speech in Malaysia caught our attention. The speech highlighted ...

11 Dec 2019
Digital Asset Class (DAC)
Hamza Khan

The race for alternative data

'Data is the new oil.’ It’s a dramatic statement – and certainly a contentious one. Just as one publication makes the case for it, another rubbishes the concept. The first argument points out that dat...

11 Dec 2019
Fintech innovation and startups
Ivy Schmerken

Revised SEC Rule 606 Shines the Light on Order Routing Disclosures

Change is brewing in the way that sell-side order routing data is reported to institutional customers. Broker-dealers will begin collecting vast amounts of data on January 1st for compliance with the ...

10 Dec 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Doug Gross

A 2020 perfect vision for the financial services sector

It’s been an exciting year in the banking sector. Along with innovation being pushed along by the industry, there has also been the added pressure of regulatory change, such as the introduction of 2FA...

10 Dec 2019
Bigger than Technology
Brian Costello

Creating a rich financial future for all

A US financial regulator opened an investigation last month into claims that Apple's credit card offered different credit limits for men and women. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple tweeted tha...

10 Dec 2019
Banking Regulations
Chris Holmes

Will tech giants ever fully penetrate the financial services space?

While FinTech start-ups have been showcasing their rapid dynamism and proving themselves to represent a real threat to traditional financial institutions, in recent years, and even months, it has beco...

09 Dec 2019
Trends in Financial Services