Stripe invites teams of collaborators to apply for jobs

Stripe invites teams of collaborators to apply for jobs

Fast-growing payments outfit Stripe is experimenting with a new recruitment policy, inviting teams, rather than individuals, to apply for jobs.

The Bring Your Own Team (BYOT) plan is predicated on the idea that people are often stronger as part of a team that make them better at what they do.

Stripe is hoping to bring in small teams of between two and five people, mainly of software engineers, and is inviting groups to collectively email their CVs and details of how they know each other.

The firm says that all members of the teams will be taken through the hiring process together, making sure that they face at least one interview problem that they can work on as a collective.

If a job offer is made, it will be to all members and will see them, at least initially, work together at the payments unicorn.

Says Stripe's Avi Bryant in a blog: "The industry has always focused on hiring atoms; we’d like to try hiring molecules."

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