Commerzbank installs anti-virus Internet gateway

Commerzbank installs anti-virus Internet gateway

Commerzbank Securities has chosen UK-based Trend Micro’s InterScan VirusWall to provide Internet gateway protection from viruses and other malicious code.

The antivirus solution stops viruses before they spread through servers and desktops. SMTP traffic is scanned for the latest Trojans and viruses as well as for malicious ActiveX and Java code. Administrators can then get the latest virus pattern file updates manually or automatically from the Web, and centrally manage security policy from a Web-based remote console.

eManager, a plug-in to Trend Micro’s InterScan VirusWall, provides network administrators with a set of content filtering tools aimed at blocking spam, protecting intellectual property, and providing file and message blocking capabilities during virus emergencies.

Gill McAndrew, messaging systems analyst at Commerzbank Securities, says the bank realised a requirement to standardise and review its antivirus policies. "I cannot emphasise enough how much of a cost, both financial and to a bank’s reputation an e-mail borne virus outbreak causes," she states.

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