ATM attack vectors on the rise

ATM attack vectors on the rise

From sophisticated stealth raids using malware and skimming devices to brute force assaults via ram raids and explosive cannisters, the range of attack vectors on European cash machines by criminal gangs shows no sign of diminishing according to the latest figures compiled by the European ATM Security Team.

The data is based on country crime updates given by representatives of 17 countries in the Single Euro Payments Area (Sepa), and 3 non-Sepa countries for Q3 2015.

Card skimming at ATMs was reported by seventeen countries. One country documented the successful usage of a stereo-skimming device, the first time that this has been reported. Another country flagged an unsuccessful attack using an ATM shimming device.

Skimming attacks on other terminal types were reported by nine countries and one region experienced losses at payment terminals linked to docking stations for the hire of bicycles.

Eleven countries reported cash trapping attacks and six card trapping incidents.

ATM malware and logical security attacks were live in two countries - one of them using a purpose-built virus for ‘cash-out’ jackpotting and the other black-box attacks used for the same purpose.

Ram raids and ATM burglary were reported by seven countries and a further seven also reported explosive gas attacks.

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