Queensland Police shame inept ATM thief

Queensland Police shame inept ATM thief

Queensland Police have shamed a would-be bank robber by posting a comical video of a bungled ATM theft from a petrol station in Townsville.

The video, complete with a 'sad clown' comedy soundtrack, shows the thief breaking into the service station and attaching a chain from a stolen pickup to the instore cash machine.

Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Hicks: “The only problem for the offender was that he had not realised that his chain wasn’t attached and when he attempted to drive off he left the ATM behind."

The thief is seen returning to the scene of the crime and attempting to haul the ATM closer to the truck with his bare hands, before giving up and driving off empty-handed.

The video has become a viral hit on YouTube, racking up almost 500,000 downloads since it was posted late last week.

Police have yet to find the heavily disguised culprit.

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