Sabre cuts Citi travel costs in half

Sabre cuts Citi travel costs in half

Citigroup is to implement the Sabre BTS corporate travel management system globally following a successful trial run at Citibank which slashed travel costs in half. Sabre BTS will now be used by other Citigroup business lines including Travelers Insurance and Salomon Smith Barney - resulting in more than 11,000 users around the world.

The Citibank cost savings were achieved in the first year of operation of the system. Citibank attributes its success to focusing on frequent travelers and using e-mail and the company's Intranet site to promote the system.

Users are able to access real-time fares, schedules, rental car and hotel rates as well as review seat maps and book travel plans from their desktop. The system also offers an automated expense reporting tool which combines trip data and credit card data into a single record.

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