Barclays offers contingency payment channel to corporate customers

Barclays offers contingency payment channel to corporate customers

Barclays Bank has launched a cloud-based contingency channel for corporate customers to funnel payments in the event of an online outage or other problems at client sites.

The emergency channel will give corporate customers continual access to online banking services should they be unable to access their primary channel. This can happen for a number of reasons including the primary user being unavailable, if a security token is lost or damaged, or when the client experiences an internet outage.

Clients will be also be able to initiate payments via a laptop separate to their primary infrastructure via the service, which is provided for the bank by tech partner AccessPay.

Michael Mueller, managing director, head of cash management at Barclays Corporate Banking, says up until now business customers had to resort to obsolete technology such as the fax if their online access was disabled.

“Our clients want to have certainty that they will be able to manage cash and make payments whenever and wherever they need to, and we are constantly looking to design new innovative services around their needs," he says. "Through this new partnership with AccessPay, Barclays can uniquely offer a new seamless service to clients which is even more convenient, flexible and resilient.”

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