Samsung Pay launch delayed

Samsung Pay launch delayed

In the aftermath of Android Pay's launch, Samsung has put back the introduction of its own mobile payments service until September.

Having initially been slated to arrive in July, Samsung Pay will now not be introduced until the electronic giant unveils its next flagship handset a couple of months later.

The service will first go live in the US and South Korea, with Europe, China, Australia and South America all expected to follow.

Samsung bought mobile wallet outfit LoopPay earlier this year to give it a shot at the mobile payments market and has signed up Visa and MasterCard to its upcoming service.

However, it is arriving late to the party, with Apple Pay already well established and Android Pay now also on the scene.

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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 05 June, 2015, 10:451 like 1 like

Is "Pay" the only word known to Google and Samsung product teams?.. "Carrot" anyone? It's getting silly.

Also, someone please explain to Samsung that there is no "its next flagship handset" Pay when it comes to user experience. For Samsung Pay to stand a chance of not being dead on arrival, is to have consistency. Which they don't have. Hence, Samsung Pay IS dead on arrival...