Lloyds gives T&Cs a digital makeover

Lloyds gives T&Cs a digital makeover

Lloyds Bank is spicing up the online presentation of its terms and conditions by putting them into an animated infographic.

The bank say that it wants to simplify its T&Cs to make it easier for five million online customers to understand key aspects of its service.

The infographic was put together as alternative to the traditional wall of text and run past a group of customers, who found it far more effective in helping them recall the details.

Adrian Bryant, director, digital, Lloyds, says: "Producing an animated infographic for our Online Banking customers is the next step on this journey to make our terms and conditions simpler."

Lloyds has been increasingly focusing its efforts on digital. Last week it promised to create 20,000 "digital champions" by 2017, helping Brits to boost their tech skills.

It has also pledged to help 1000 startups become £1 million firms within three years, in part through a new online banking channel for SME customers and an upgrade to its mobile business banking app.

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