Bungled Chaps payment makes man millionaire

Bungled Chaps payment makes man millionaire

A British man was left shocked when he logged into his online NatWest account and discovered that a bungled Chaps payment had made him, albeit briefly, a millionaire.

Checking his balance back in January, web designer Kieran McKeefery found that £1,245,000 had been transferred to his account.

Resisting the temptation to go on a shopping spree, the 21 year old called NatWest, which told him that the money had mistakenly come from an investment company.

It took 10 days for the funds to be removed from McKeefery's account, during which time he racked up £210 in interest, which he kept.

"Having £210 isn't bad I guess for the hassle. I can't even remember what I spent it on," he told the BBC.

In 2008 an American withdrew more than $175,000 that had been mistakenly placed in his account after a bank error, claiming he thought the money was "a gift from God"

Randy Pratt and wife Melissa found their account at FNB Bank in a surprisingly healthy state after a decimal point went missing. The divine intervention argument failed to convince authorities which hit the couple with felony theft and conspiracy charges.

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