Man claims $175,000 bank error was "gift from God"

Man claims $175,000 bank error was "gift from God"

A Pennsylvania man who withdrew more than $175,000 that had been mistakenly placed in his account after a bank error, says he thought the money was "a gift from God", according to an Associated Press (AP) report.

Randy Pratt, 50, and wife Melissa, 36, found their account at FNB Bank in a surprisingly healthy state last summer after a decimal point went missing. The mistake meant a $1772.50 deposit to their account showed up as $177,250.

Police say that rather than tell the bank, the couple withdrew the money, quit their jobs and ran off to Florida. They were reported to be buying a house in the Orlando area when the error was uncovered.

Randy Pratt told the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise he did attempt to talk to FNB but was ignored. He says he considers the cash "a gift from God" and has given some of the money away, with $25,000 going to a church shelter for the homeless in Florida.

The couple face trial in Columbia County Court on felony theft and conspiracy charges. Randy Pratt is in county prison after a judge refused to lower his $100,000 bail. Melissa is free on unsecured bail after telling the court she is estranged from her husband.

Pa. man considered bank error 'a gift from God' - AP

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