Akbank rolls out video banking tech in shopping mall

Akbank rolls out video banking tech in shopping mall

Turkey's Akbank is experimenting with NCR's Interactive Teller video banking technology in branches and at a shopping mall.

As banks around the globe grapple with the future of the branch in a mobile age, many are turning to ATM video systems as a bridge between the physical and virtual world.

Akbank has rolled out NCR's tech at three different sites: a main branch to cut waiting times; a new mini-branch to increase service time; and in a shopping mall to bring services to a busy location relatively cheaply.

The shopping mall site aims to provide real-time disbursement of consumer loans for people looking to buy high value items, such as flat screen televisions, cell phones, washing machines or furniture.

NCR says that enabling bank customers to talk to staff based in call centres through a screen improves efficiency, convenience and security, enabling the likes of Akbank to concentrate on turning their branches into better service and sales tools.

Orkun OGUZ, EVP, direct banking, Akbank, adds: "This will provide more time for our employees to better serve customers with more complex banking needs and help us transform into an even more customer centric bank."

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Brian Douglas
Brian Douglas - G2Malliance - Madrid 24 March, 2015, 14:42Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

There is another outsourced solution on the market today which is taking hold of the market involving no CAPEX, and involves replacing ATMs with a similar technology (terminal), and purely an OPEX monthly charge which for 40 hours of service (including the cost of maintenance) costs 80% less than the cost of a single employee...