Tangerine brings biometrics to mobile banking

Tangerine brings biometrics to mobile banking

Canadian digital bank Tangerine is revamping its mobile app to enable customers to log in using Apple's Touch ID technology and issue commands through speech.

The bank, which changed its name from ING Direct earlier this year, has become the first in Canada to tap Touch ID to let iPhone users log in to its app with their fingerprint, although a password is also still needed.

Meanwhile, Tangerine has teamed up with Nuance Communications to offer customers the ability to ask questions and issue commands with their voices. Users can complete a rang of actions, such as asking for their account balances and how much was spent at a specific locations, as well as ordering email money transfers and bill payments.

Later in the year, the bank also plans to let people use voice authentication to log in to their app.

Peter Aceto, president and CEO, Tangerine, says: "We recognise that Canadians want more control over their banking experience, and our goal is to provide them with the ability to bank where they want, how they want and when they want."

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