CaixaBank builds Google Glass and smartwatch apps

CaixaBank builds Google Glass and smartwatch apps

Spain's CaixaBank is taking a punt on wearable technology, developing Google Glass and smartwatch apps.

The Google Glass app will include an augmented reality branch finder superimposed on the screen, showing the wearer where to find the nearest CaixaBank site, the direction they need to travel, how far away it is, and a telephone number in case they need to call ahead.

Customers can also use the voice service, stating a location or an address to command Glass to display all the branches nearest to that point.

A separate app lets wearers focus on a product's price tag and see the amount, superimposed on the screen, converted to the currency of their choice.

Both apps are ready to go and will be launched once the Google Glass market officially opens in the US.

Meanwhile, CaixaBank has also built a free stock market tracking app for the Sony SmartWatch 2. Users can choose stocks and indices from international markets to follow, with the watch displaying recent price information as well as fluctuations.

If users want more detailed information, they can select the stock on the smartwatch screen to automatically open the CaixaBank application on their mobile device.

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