Weve taps Proxama for mobile loyalty service

Weve taps Proxama for mobile loyalty service

Telco-owned UK mobile commerce joint venture Weve has selected Proxama technology as the basis for its 'Pouch' loyalty service.

Weve Pouch, which launched this week in alpha test, is a mobile app where users can store loyalty cards and offers.

The JV is using Proxama's TapPoint platform to help retailers use different technologies - such as NFC, QR codes, Bluetooth Low Energy - for proximity marketing.

To begin with, Weve has signed three firms to test Pouch, including sandwich chain Eat, which - in a UK first - will trial using BLE beacons.

Proxama says that its platform will help Weve deploy a highly contextual loyalty application, delivering offers relevant to customers, responding to their interests and recent activity.

Sean O'Connell, director, product, Weve, says: "At Weve, we believe that interactions between consumers and retailers will be increasingly mediated through mobile devices, but you have to crack the POS as well as the consumer experience.

"Our initial trial with EAT and our forthcoming work with Proxama has the potential to bring mobile loyalty at scale to consumers and retailers."

Earlier this month Weve revealed that it has teamed up with MasterCard on the other prong of its attack on commerce: payments. The partners are currently in talks with banks as they bid to launch their NFC m-payments service early next year.

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Dean Wallace
Dean Wallace - ACI - Global 18 February, 2014, 11:24Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Great idea. I have heard so many times that "POS is not broken". But take a step back and consider the true consumer experience and you realise that today's people don't want to carry a purse full of cut-out coupons and multiple loyalty cards - this is where mobile "payments" really kicks in. Benefits both consumers and merchants who stand a better job of attracting / retaining customers, whilst enabling smaller merchants to compete in the loyalty/coupon space. EAT is a great trial partner given their willingness to try things out and segment - I'd be interested to see Fashion, Airport / City Parking, Consumer Electronics being trialled too at some point (holy grail Supermarkets too?). My hunch is we'll see different segments needing different ways to interact and consumers choosing what feels natural depending on circumstance at POI ...

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