Nationwide boldly goes where JPMorgan failed to tread

Nationwide boldly goes where JPMorgan failed to tread

The day after JPMorgan got a pasting on Twitter over it's ill-conceived Tweet chat with vice chairman Jimmy Lee, the CEO of the UK's Nationwide has entered the fray, live-tweeting the bank's half-year results and taking questions from journalists.

Beale only joined Twitter in October, but seems to be taking to it with elan, apparently unperturbed by the Twitter storm that engulfed JPMorgan just hours earlier

As promised, the stream picked up steam Friday morning, with Beale picking out the positives from the results statement and broadcasting them live as the London Stock Exchange opened for business.

The more cynical journalists wondered whether Beale was really behind the wheel.

Beale also took time to flag up positive comments from customers as they joined the chat.

Beale's experience (so far) is in marked contrast to that of JPMorgan, as #AskJPM was rounded on by trolls, with thousands of tweets soon appearing deriding Lee, the firm - which is currently embroiled in numerous controversies - and its decision to attempt to tap into social media. Tail tucked firmly between its legs, the big beast promptly cancelled the Q&A, accepting that the stunt had backfired badly.

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