JPMorgan gets more than it bargained for in Twitter Q&A

JPMorgan gets more than it bargained for in Twitter Q&A

JPMorgan has cancelled a Twitter Q&A session with vice chairman Jimmy Lee after people jumped on the opportunity to barrage the firm with mocking tweets, insults and nonsense.

The session, due to begin this afternoon, was announced in tweets by the firm last week, which asked users to begin preparing questions using the hashtag #AskJPM and gave some background on Lee:

Yesterday, as the session neared and gained exposure, thousands of tweets soon appeared deriding Lee, the firm - which is currently embroiled in numerous controversies - and its decision to attempt to tap into social media.

One tweeter asked:

While another wondered:

Kevin Roose, a writer for the New York Magazine, stated what was quickly becoming obvious:
While Bloomberg columnist, Matt Levine, undermined the earnestness of the session by asking:

The Occupy Wall Street movement likely added fuel to the fire by tweeting this to its 190,000 followers:
All of which proved too much for the bank, which cancelled the event, admitting:

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