HSBC seeks 'sexy' data scientists

HSBC seeks 'sexy' data scientists

Banking giant HSBC is embarking on an egghead recruiting spree, advertising the "sexiest job of the 21st century" scientist.

The big data revolution will see data scientists emerge as the cool new kids on Wall Street, a recent paper from BNY Mellon predicted, as banks look to harness the huge new amounts of information at their disposal.

HSBC is calling for candidates that can "develop into the roles" of data scientist as it seeks to make it a "core skill" within the bank.

Candidates need to be familiar with Hadoop technology, big data, and programming languages such as R and Python for a role requiring applied mathematics, statistics, advanced computing, visualisation, data engineering and specific domain expertise.

Only graduates from the top global universities need apply, with preference given to those with a science background at PhD level.

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Brett King
Brett King - Moven - New York 19 July, 2013, 14:18Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

I was asked to advise on the appointment of HSBC's Global E-Channel Director a couple of years ago and said to the team doing the hiring at the time that I didn't think the organization would attract the best/sexiest people. When asked why my first answer was because you call the role "E-Channel", any world-class digital player won't want to work with an organization who still thinks of digital as 'E'. The second was the organization is simply not ready for it and the role would require 2-3 years of painstaking argument just to get decent budget.

HSBC needs to appoint a seriously competent customer engagement person with strong digital experience as the Global Head of Retail at a minimum, and appoint a super progressive CIO & CMO to even start to make a dent in the organizational Inertia they have around 'acquire branches to build the business' mentality IMHO.