Dealing Object Technology ships new market data toolkit

Dealing Object Technology ships new market data toolkit

London-based Dealing Object Technology (DOT) has released Rtt.Multi, a software tool-kit which utilises Microsoft's Active Template Library (ATL) technology to offer a multi-threaded environment with access to multiple data vendors, Reuters' Triarch, Tib and Bloomberg.

The software, which replaces the company's previous flagship product RTT32, provides a common interface to all major data vendors, improved performance via the use of threads, support for all the COM threading models including special support for C++ developers and better Excel performance via the new 'Ticker Update' model.

Alex Baughan, sales manager at DOT, says: "Software developers and end users no longer need to know about the complexities of accessing the various Application Program Interfaces (APIs) or MS-Excel function calls to manipulate data according to their needs. Rtt.Multi handles this for them."

In addition to integrating with multiple vendors, Rtt.Multi provides a more flexible licensing structure, and improved installation and overall run-time performance.

"We have started talks with several banks in the city...all of whom have expressed a keen interest in looking at how Rtt.Multi can help them when incorporated in the standard NT build of their desktops," says Baughan.

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