Object Design launches real-time market data analysis

Object Design launches real-time market data analysis

Massachusetts-based Object Design, a division of eXcelon Corporation, has launched Real-Time Event Engine (RTEE) for Finance, a new market data analysis software application that operates on real-time streaming data.

The application overcomes the technology barriers that limit other real-time collection and analysis tools, by simultaneously capturing, organising and querying huge volumes of streamed real-time data at unprecedented levels, claims the company. The product can collect from 5,000 to 10,000 ticks per second, claims the vendor, while simultaneously querying more than one million ticks per second on low- to mid-range Sun hardware.

Brian Naughton, worldwide director of product management at Object Design says the simultaneous querying of streaming market data as it arrives has typically been unachievable. "Until now, financial institutions have tried to overcome this obstacle with inflexible proprietary solutions developed in-house. The RTEE provides a scalable, high-performance application that frees developers to focus their efforts on real-time and historical analytics."

The RTEE has three main components: the collector which captures market data from external sources in real-time and inserts the data into a persistent store; the reorganiser which organises and indexes the data for efficient use, and re-orders out-of-sequence data; and the query server which allows users to access and perform analysis on the market data in real-time and in parallel with the data stream capture process.

The package is available immediately for Microsoft NT/2000 and Sun Solaris platforms. It integrates with leading middleware technology APIs including Tibco, Common Object Request Broker Architecture (Corba) and the Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM).

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