Helsinki Exchanges processes first mobile dealing order

Helsinki Exchanges processes first mobile dealing order

The Helsinki stock exchange (HEX) has fulfilled its first mobile dealing order, processing a trade from an Evli Securities customer using a Nokia 9210 Communicator.

The mobile dealing service is available over the EvliNet Asset Management Portal and is intended mainly for investors who are active and mobile but who wish to retain control of their own investments.

Markku Malkamäki, executive vice president of Evli Securities, says: "Through our Communicator trading service, we offer our clients the possibility to monitor their portfolio in real time, access to stock exchange bulletins, information on prices, and Kauppalehti Online news reports, which all support their investment decisions."

The PDA-based service is easier and more versatile than equivalent Wap solutions he adds.

In a statment, HEX says: "We regard this development as highly positive considering the importance of secure and disruption-free transmission of orders into the trading system."

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