Telecom NZ and Westpac trial mobile NFC for Auckland public transport

Telecom NZ and Westpac trial mobile NFC for Auckland public transport

Telecom New Zealand and Westpac are preparing to pilot an NFC mobile wallet system that will enable users to pay for access to Auckland public transport with their handsets.

The firms are working with Auckland Transport, Gemalto, Thales and bank-owned payment network Paymark on a 30-person pilot in May, providing access to the city's buses, trains and ferries.

Thales will be using its NFC application throughout Auckland Transport's smart card ticketing system, HOP, before deploying it globally across all networks and banks. Gemalto is providing the network infrastructure.

Participants will pay using a Telecom XT pre-paid account that can be topped up through a Westpac credit card using Paymark's infrastructure without having to go online or pay in a store.

Paul Reynolds, CEO, Telecom, says: "As we have seen with developments in mobile phone technology, people quite rightly expect their phones to offer more versatility and functionality and simplify their lifestyles. And we're absolutely committed to developing the mobile wallet through our investment in building a common trusted services manager for New Zealand."

Earlier this month Paymark and Telecom teamed up with two other wireless operators, Vodafone and 2degrees, on a contactless mobile money joint venture.

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