Queensland contactless transit card security breached

Queensland contactless transit card security breached

The Australian state of Queensland has launched an investigation into a security breach affecting its contactless "go card" public transport system which saw the credit of one person incorrectly transferred to another's account.

The state government says the funds were transferred from one account to another person of the same name when a call centre operator "failed to follow long-established security protocols".

The call centre operator and a supervisor have been stood down while an investigation is completed.

Rachel Nolan, transport minister, says: "The integrity of the balance transfer system is critical and a breach of security protocols like this is absolutely unacceptable. I have directed that the breach be fully investigated by both the call centre operator and by TransLink."

However, the shadow transport minister, Fiona Simpson, says the incident has raised doubts about the security and integrity of the whole go card system.

Simpson also accuses Nolan of making scapegoats of the call centre staff, claiming: "The first person to go for the go card fiasco should be the Minister, not junior staff."

Meanwhile Victoria's Transport Ticketing Authority has confirmed that 30,000 myki smart cards have been recalled after being issues in an "inactive state".
The new smart card-based ticketing system is currently being rolled out across Melbourne.

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