Gremlins take down BofA home page following weekend of disruption

Gremlins take down BofA home page following weekend of disruption

Just 24-hours after convincing customers it was safe to go back online following a weekend of Web site disruption, Bank of America's Internet site has once again fallen victim to technical gremlins.

The site started experiencing problems on Friday, a day after BofA said it would start charging a $5 monthly fee for customers who use debit cards.

The move sparked a wave of outrage on Internet message boards and online campaigns urging customers to switch banks. But for many users logging in, the Website was slower than usual, and some customers trying to log on received error messages.

On Friday evening the bank said normal service had been resumed, but customers found the problems recurring throughout Saturday. The bank maintained that the glitch had been fixed for the majority of customers, but that some were still experiencing "sporadic" issues.

But by Monday afternoon, the gremlins had struck again, this time taking down the Bank of America home page.

Visitors to the site were greeted by a white screen and a message saying: "Home Page Temporarily Unavailable. We're sorry, but some of our pages are temporarily unavailable. Thanks for your patience."

Users were directed to try Merrill Lynch online or "find a Bank of America ATM or branch".

The downtime is the latest in a series of Web disruptions suffered by the bank over the past year.

Update: At 6.30 EDT Monday the bank issued a statement saying that the Web site issues were now fully resolved. It neglected to provide an explanation for the outages, but denied that it had fallen victim to a hacking or denial of service attack.

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