Bank of America is the Bank of Satan

Bank of America is the Bank of Satan

Bank of America has fallen foul of a wicked browser re-direct wheeze, with its home page now appearing as the go-to site for Lucifer himself.

Typing into a browser automatically redirects the user to the Bank of America home page, providing a convenient domain for all-things diabolical.

Late last year, Bank of America snapped up hundreds of abusive domain names for its senior executives and board members as a defensive strategy against the future publication of insider info from whistleblowing Website WikiLeaks.

While and had already fallen into the hands of dissidents, the bank moved to buy up domains bearing the names of senior executives followed by derogatory terms such as 'sucks' and 'blows'.

The idea that the bank's Web address might become a holding page for the devil incarnate seems to have somehow slipped the minds of the strategists in the Bank of America war room.

The Bank of Satan redirect was picked up by a posting on the Reddit Website, prompting a stream of incendiary comments, including: "Which is why I bought like a month ago. Hopefully wikileaks releases stuff about them, and I can sell the domain for some easy money."

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